Thank F**ck for The Sea’ - Kerrang

‘An entirely ridiculous and completely fantastic stew of riffing and vocal histrionics’ - The Guardian

 ‘The Sea – a brilliant band who we love’ - Fearne Cotton – Radio 1

True brothers in arms, Peter and Alex were both junior national surfing champions, representing Great Britain at major International events, living the surfing dream on the Cornish coast … and then they discovered rock n roll … which seemed to fit in neatly with the ‘surf, write songs, smoke spliff and write more songs’ lifestyle .

They then formed a two piece, aptly named 'The Sea' and started honing their craft, which gradually grew in its dominance of their collective days. Swapping boards for Guitars and drums, Alex and Peter started gigging in earnest – traveling the length and breadth of Europe in the mandatory battered van, collecting fans wherever they went… creating optimum noise with minimum band members and fuss.

Peter says 'when we are not touring, the tide governs our lives, so calling the band 'The Sea' was the most natural thing to do'

A licensing deal swiftly followed, their fan based swelled and much love was shown from the press and media alike...

and then the unthinkable happened...

Alex experienced a terrible surfing accident, braking his neck and leaving him unable to walk. The healing process was harsh and long, involving extensive surgery and physio. With steel determination and inner grit, Alex kept pushing, and confounding all medical views, healed.

With their new single 'Get Up Stand Up Die' slated for release Jan 20 on Blue Monday as an antidote anthem, the boys are on form, have a new management company behind them and are ready to rattle cages.

The Agency Group are currently booking a tour of the UK and Europe and a new album is on the horizon for spring 2014.

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